The process

Everyone accessing or using the portal subscribes to our TERMS OF SERVICE.
The terms of service act as the NDA and Non Circumvent agreement saving time for both parties to engage and share confidential information.

To ensure our concepts safe and so we’re not circumnavigated as the middleman we only allow access to the core of the portal by trusted and checked people who have applied by filling out the short questionnaire.

We do not allow any visitors to the site to take photo’s, screen shots etc to help protect our clients and concepts wishes.


We’re here to attract and connect the best hospitality concepts with high value partners.

If you’re a brand, concept or chef leading in your sector, category or geography; want to hear from you. Submit your concept, brand idea or biog HERE.

We ensure concepts can see themselves in the portal but none of their direct competitors to keep everyone as secure as possible.

Should your concept not be accepted into the portal we’ll contact you within 5 working days and refund any registration fees you may have paid.


If you’re looking for a high street brand we’re perhaps not the portal for you.

We represent; the new, the up and coming, the people moving, the fun and disrupting brands, people and concepts that make hospitality great.

Should you wish to see all the concepts in the portal we’ll ask you to fill out a short form and wait for approval by the team.   When accessing the brands you are bound by our TERMS OF SERVICE and we ask you to respect these terms as we also track our brands future successes.

Should you require concepts, brands or people which are not yet in the portal, please contact