Globally connecting the best hospitality brands and concepts through
licensing and franchising.

About the portal

The portal is a confidential and safe space for those recognised hospitality brands who need the introduction to high value future partners away from an open consumer platform.

We champion the people, brands and concepts that are an asset to our hospitality industry; the ones we’d love to see in our own neighbourhood. We globally connect these passionate founders, creators and family businesses to great projects, investors or fellow hospitality operators as new licensees, franchisees or partners.

Who We are

We’re a group of Industry professionals experienced in brands, operations and connecting people across the hospitality industry.

What We do

Sellers - Brands and Concepts

We offer operators the representation and brokerage support required to help grow through licensing or franchising. 

We offer strategic advisory, set-up planning and use our global network of high-value connections to connect and support growth. 

Buyers – Current operators, real estate owners and developers, and hoteliers.

We offer a search and match service with strategic planning and global insight.
We can provide not only the brands but a full end-to-end service for projects involving any hospitality operation requirement.


We provide a bespoke service for both buyers and sellers of the best concepts.

For more information on our services and to tell us about your project and requirements please contact us on