Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you’ll find some questions that we often get asked. If you need further clarification, please review our terms of service, privacy policy or drop us an email and we’ll be in contact with you directly. Enjoy!

Who speaks my language?

We have an international team who operate across the globe, and we’re adding new members all the time. If you do not see your language listed below then please still reach out and we’ll translate it locally. – English – German – Portuguese – Arabic – Polish – Russian – Chinese / Mandarin – Korean – Spanish

What does the portal look like on the other side?

We will upload a short introduction video of the inside view of the portal shortly.

What should my information look like?

The TIPS tab on the Submitting a Concept page will give you ideas and templates to ensure you can submit the right info as required. If you need help or to chat about further pointers, email us on

Can I share any sensitive information?

Yes, absolutely. That’s why we made the site confidential and why everyone has to sign the NDA / non-circumvent agreement. Unlike many online websites, where everyone can see all your information, at THP you’re only telling the people you’re directly selling to and that have been approved to enter. Potential partners can only view the information and are not able to download it.

Do you guarantee me a viewing/sales/franchise/license deal in the time we’re in the portal?

Unfortunately no but we will try our best to get you the best deal. We’ve years of hospitality experience, are connected globally and most importantly have connected people to projects many times before.

We are always doing our best to advertise the portal, both on and offline. We’ll constantly pursue the right partner for you and never try and force a deal, just for the sake of it!

What makes me suitable for the portal?

The concepts we love usually have the Owner/Founder or family driving it. It signifies a true commitment and greater chances of success. Are you a business, brand, concept or person with a brilliant idea that you know will work in hospitality? If so, that’s also a great start.

If you’re a chain with over 100 sites then we don’t think you are for us. We believe neighbourhoods are ruined by boring brands, average service and ‘same same’ menus!

How long is a contract to be in the portal?

The signed contract is for a 1-year term in the portal. That year will start as soon as you’ve been accepted or if you have pre-registered then as soon as we launch to the global investors, operators and projects.

Why do I not have a username and password?

So it’s 100% secure! We don’t log username or password data as it’s riskier and more likely to be hacked or abused. We use a secure email link log in system. Each time you want to log in to the portal, you will be emailed a unique link to log in securely. Just click the link and you’re in!

It also lets us know that your details are safe and no one can log in who’s not registered or vetted by us. The email can’t be forwarded to other people as it is linked to the email address it was sent to and it also has a time limit.

Can someone just take my details or ideas and do it themselves?!

We’re sure you’ll agree that someone can walk into your restaurant/bar/pop-up and photo/map the whole thing at any time and then walk away. We think it’s much less likely in our portal as we vet the operators and entrants into the portal and continue to champion great hospitality brands so we’ll keep attracting the right people.

We monitor the activity of all participants within the portal and hold them to account if they breach our terms of service.

I don’t want my ex-business partner/husband/wife/lawyer/employee to see my new business information. Can you make it work?

The portal has visibility filters which means we can ensure that everyone sees you or where needed, exclude certain people if you request us to. Please let us know in advance and provide us with the reason.

Does that mean I can use the portal to target certain people to see my brand only?

Yes, you can! Let us know in advance if you have someone you want to access the portal and only see your concept when they log in.

Once this is set, it remains until you contact us, but it’s a good way to share your concept information with interested buyers who will have already signed the NDA / non-circumvent agreements and see your concept in an approved community.

What’s the best size for my information?

Your PDF or presentation of your concept will be resized to 4:3 screen ratio. We recommend starting from there, to stop it distorting when uploaded to the portal.

I’ve seen everything has a watermark. How do I add it?

We do that for you! Every concept will have the watermark added automatically.

How much does this cost?

Yes, we have fees and you can find them on the Submitting a Concept page and within our T&Cs. We charge a registration fee to ensure the concepts entering are ready, keen and serious to expand, rather than only speculating.

We also charge 20% of the upfront license or franchise fees that are signed. We invest the registration fees into marketing and promoting the portal community across the globe and to bring the right people to you.

Think of it as group advertising rather than spending a fortune doing it on your own.

A friend recommended me to the portal. Do I need to add their details?

We have intermediaries* working with us to seek the best concepts, operators and projects around the world. The official ones each have a six-digit number which you will need to add at the beginning of your application form.

*This web of fabulous intermediary people are the key to helping you progress, so while we charge fees we share them with these lovely brand gorging, food eating, beer-drinking beauties.

Are FAQs totally useless and people just email you anyway even though the answer is here?

Well, yes, possibly true. So if you need further details, then email and say hi at We are always listening!