We charge no fees for buyers who engage with our brands from the portal.
We charge a small site registration fee for each concept and are remunerated with a success fee when an agreement is signed.

We are regularly asked for consultancy services either to find or to create unique brands, please contact register@thehospitalityportal.com with your enquiry as alternative fees would apply.


We charge concepts a registration fee to feature in the portal.

This money is ploughed back into the running and promotion of the site.
Discounts to the registration fee may be offered to businesses listing more than one brand.
Please contact us by email to; register@thehospitalityportal.com

Sites New Concept 1 site 2-3 Sites 4-6 Sites 7-12 Sites 13 – 100 Sites 101 – 200 Sites
Monthly Subscription £20 £20 £40 £80 £120 £150 £200
TOTAL £240 £240 £480 £960 £1440 £1800 £2400
Upfront One Year £200 £200 £400 £850 £1250 £1500 £2000
Upfront Two Years £350 £350 £750 £1000 £2000 £2500 £4000

When submitting more than one concept, contact us for discounted options.

For details about our success fees, please review our Terms of Service.

For all other enquiries please contact admin@thehospitalityportal.com

*the number of sites your business operates across all brands.


We are primarily incentivised by a getting our clients who contribute their concepts to our portal signed agreements with great partners.

We are remunerated as a percentage of the franchise or license upfront fee paid to the concept.   An excerpt of our terms and conditions are below for reference:

  • Franchise or Licence Agreements:  Minimum of either (i) £10,000 or (ii) 20% of the total franchise or licence fees, whichever is larger;
  • Investment, Funding or Loans:  3% of the total investment, funding or loan;
  • In relation to all other forms of Client Agreement:
    • Where the total value to the Contributor is less than £50,000:  Minimum of either (i) £5,000 or (ii) 20% of the total value, which is larger;
    • Where the total value to the Contributor is less than £100,000 but equal to or more than £50,000:  Minimum of either (i) £10,000 or (ii) 20% of the total value, which is larger; and
    • Where the total value to the Contributor is £100,000 or more:  Minimum of either (i) £10,000 or (ii) 10% of the fee whichever is larger.

For more details about our success fees please review our TERMS OF SERVICE

For all other enquiries or questions please contact register@thehospitalityportal.com

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